Choosing a Therapist

How to Choose the Right Therapist

When searching for a therapist, it is important to make sure they are a regulated health professional to ensure they have the proper training and are held accountable for their work. This can include psychologists, social workers, or psychiatrists. Other health care professionals, like nurses or occupational therapists, may also provide psychotherapy if they have received additional training and proper supervision.

Make sure to choose a therapist with the appropriate education and training, such as a master’s degree or Ph.D. in psychology or social work, or a medical degree with specialization in psychiatry. A Ph.D. level psychologist will have extensive research training and be well-versed in the latest innovations in therapy. A social worker is skilled in navigating systems and resources. A psychiatrist, as a medical doctor specializing in mental health, may primarily focus on medications.

Beware of therapists who use unregulated titles like “psychotherapist,” “counselor,” or “life coach.” These individuals are not regulated, meaning they are not held to professional standards and you are not protected if they cause you harm.

Take advantage of the free consultation offered by regulated therapists and ask questions to determine if they are the right fit for you. It is normal practice and will ensure you find a therapist who meets your specific needs.